adinda bakri nikah

Jakarta - the Wedding Reception of Adi Bakrie, the child Indra Bakrie continued in Bali. The party in Jakarta only insignificant parts of party luxury of the nephew the Co-ordinating Minister Kesra Aburizal Bakrie this. Photographs of the party then leaked in the internet. How the family's Bakrie response?

"That would the normal matter." It was modern, his name the person was married that kebahagaian. Not was would the person of the party was secretly married, said the family's spokesperson of Bakrie Lalu Mara of the Wangsa noble to detikcom, on Wednesday (27/8/2008).

It was superior that you and Zinc married on Wednesday July 23 2008. Two days after the marriage ceremony agenda, Adi you and Zinc spread out the luxurious reception in the Mulia Hotel, Southern Jakarta. Two weeks after the reception in Jakarta, Adi you held the agenda for his friend in Bali.

Adi's party was in Bali spread out in a manner was closed in Resor Nirvana, Tanah Lot, that was known as property of the Bakrie family. Only special invitations that could attend this party. The agenda was maintained very tight. Talked about as 1 Brimob company was mobilised to maintain this party.

Reportedly, the guests were asked to sign the letter sealed that his contents the agreement will not leak all information or the photograph of your Adi's marriage to the mass media. If against? His threat was not half-hearted, lifelong imprisonment. However currently the story about the marriage leaks. This story and his photographs of the party were spread in the internet.

Asked for by clarification on this news, Then Mara denied your Adi's pretext was with Hoo Ong Zinc maintained tight Brimob and the troops. The "Bakrie family would human." Have the capacity what to be guarded by the troops and Brimob? The Previous lighter.

According to Then, your Adi's agenda was in this Bali held for the intimate friend of the nephew Menkokesra Aburizal Bakrie. "That his friends's agenda." They there are those that came from overseas. That will be good for Visit Indonesia Year 2008, pungkas Then.

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