That must be carried out before the Ramadhan month, hal yg perlu dilakukan sebelum memasuki bulan ramadhan

Do'a the Jibril angel around Ramadhan "Ya Allah helped ignored Muhammad's group's fast, if before entered the Ramadhan month he did not do matters that along with:

* did not ask sorry before to his two parents (if still was available).
* Tidak berma'afan before between the husband and wife.
* did not forgive each other before and people" of "surrounding area".

Then Rasulullah then said Amen totalling 3 times. Could was imagined by us, that berdo'a was the Angel and that meng-aminkan was Rasullullah and the friends, and was carried out on the Friday. By that I TERLEBIH DAHULU MEMOHON MAAF if I was did the mistake, both that not in deliberate and that in deliberate. It is hoped Ramadhan this time could be made use of by us sebaik2nya.Amim....

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