TIPS looked for the COUPLE

I wanted all realised!!!!! So as you were not made use of by your couple that notabene he said modern humankind most of MATRE!!! .. and liked to make use of his couple. For you who have had the girlfriend and wanted to look for the new girlfriend on the basis of wanting to look for the again better girlfriend, must in remembered that there is NO PEOPLE PERFECT In This World !!!!

because of perfection only belonging to PENCIPTA!! .. Indeed the characteristics of humankind that the greed and arrogant and had not been satisfied would the blessing that already they received. Made humankind sometimes sometimes go too far. Has lived had enough wanted to live berlebihan… After the excessive life wanted to live that was abundant.. Has had the good girlfriend wanted to search that was better lagi Has met the better girlfriend wanted to look for the perfect girlfriend!!!! Indeed many people every.. “ ahhh… that will be legal just legal!!! While being not yet janur yellow buckled!!

But necessary in pay attention to if from first established relations has been happy the substitute for the substitute pacar… gimana if marrying???!!!! Indeed we in gave the opportunity to go out.. so as to be able to know to one another. And indeed we in created had different thinking, the different characteristics, the different character, and the different principle. If we established relations and in several of our months realised if the relations could not in continued then we might take the action of not continuing these relations on the basis of that made sense. What next if being connected with the principle. If we realise that these relations were not possible in continued, but we still continue to berkutat in the same hole, meant the person was indeed STUPID!! Already tau wronged and was not possible?? Why must be continued?? Moreover until bertahun the year. Necessarily we thought REALISTIS.

So as to not hurt who. Everything was connected with the principle that has been real could not in tolerated. If one of his couples has made a commitment to want to have the same principle, then the relations could in continued. This means that you wanted to undergo your relations seriously. But if your couple did not want to have the same principle, then tidakan you to decide the relations were as fast as him was the very true action. So as your relations was not too far and was not too serious and when you were cut off, one of the you did not feel you were sick, because of your relations still in the calculation of the month.

And for you who have had the girlfriend that you yourselves has acknowledged to himself and the crowd, if your girlfriend baik… why must search that was better??? If you felt did not fit 2 or 3 first months, you could sever your relations. Buti……If you have been connected more than 5 years and just realise that you did not agree, that his name was EXCESSIVE!!! How stupid him you who have developed relations more than 5 years could be cut off only because of the matter of the trivial matter. His example egoism, not all that communication, the activity, bla bla blab la……. Anywhere for 5 years????!!! Discarded wasted time!! Discarded worked hard!! Discarded discarded thoughts!! Discarded discarded MONEY!!

Necessarily you realised!! And tried to understand the lack of your couple. Because of not having one person then before this earth was the perfect person. There you in uji…apakah you could pass the period period was difficult together?? Could you complement each other the lack of your couple was their respective?? Really went out was the period where you in the form to be able to become the foundation that was firm before continued to the more serious stage. If the intention from you already was not again, then the relations indeed could not in maintained. But if you intended to want the life to be better and to want to rectify the mistake, then the relations ought to be in maintained.

If having the difficult problem although, we were prosecuted for MODESTY and forgave our couple's mistake. With the commitment repaired KESALAHAN that had been done. Painful indeed if we must forgive the person who was loved by us carried out the mistake that had not been thought about by us before him. Moreover if he left us only because of the third person. And our couple tried to compare ourselves with the other person. If the other person better than us, possibly we will realise himself and retreated. But rather MENYAKITKAN again if we saw the reality that we were far more better from the person that he wanted.

If his incident like that.. then gave your couple the choice.. ” he or saya” if your couple could not choose to give him time to think. And asked again about the choice tsb. If his answer was not also.. then you had the right left dia… except for you were willing in duplicated just you remained with the stupid condition as being like this.

His conclusion was if you wanted to look for the couple, asked to your couple:

  1. Can you lived was difficult together to be the same me??
  2. Can you received me the way it is??
  3. Can you lived independent??
  4. Can we learned to complement each other our lack??
  5. Can we learned to co-operate in all the matters??
  6. Can we learned to appreciate the person's other opinions??
  7. Can we learned to improve the weakness of our weakness??
  8. Can we learned to remind at each other if one of the we carried out the mistake??
  9. Can we made one mission and the point of view for our future??
  10. Can you accepted the surplus and the lack of my family??

From to 10 questions, then could represent how relations kalian… whether could in continued or in stopped.

Necessary in remembered!!!! Looked for the COUPLE NOT ONLY TO LOVE AND IN LOVE!!! BUT could the COUPLE us co-operate with us??? In the positive matter definitely.

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