How chose keywords that was exact

Memilih keywords yang baikMemilih keywords yang baikChose keyword was the work that was focussed on what was looked for by the person not about whether the product, the article or konten you. For example the person more will choose “harga the room hotel” than “Hotel Mutiara”, so used the name of the company was not better from the aspect of what was looked for by the person, from the corner search enggine certainly did not have the problem because of the two kewyords would in-index by google. So once more, the focus to what generally is looked for by the person. To determine keyword and knew what often was looked for by the person, you possibly did not get keyword that was exact if carrying him out by thinking hard or while drinking coffee. So better and faster and exact if you used tool available, was supervised was link keywords tool that could be used by you:

Inventory with facilities overture you could memasukan one keyword you will be given by the number of searches keyword this in last months. And you too will be given list the alternative keyword that was relevant and the number of searches for each alternative.
Tool this had the surplus because has had thesaurus, so you will be given keyword that normally is used by the insider looked for the matter that regarding keyword that was given by you. By this you could choose keyword that was more exact than keyword that you input.
One tool from google actual was made for the advertisers in adwords google. But toll this was very useful to get the choice keyword that was best, and you too could carry out surveillance of how the competition keyword that was used by the advertisers. By that, tool that was based ajax this really was easy to be used to choose keyword and you could meng-export that was direct inside file excel.

List Full tool to keywords could be seen by you in the category tool.

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