Gunung tiba tiba muncul

The fear struck villagers the age, Kecamatan Wuar-labobar, the Regency Moluccan Tenggara Barat (MTB), since the past week. Why not, suddenly a mysterious mountain you-cul in front of the village waters. The mountain high around four metre from the sea level had the shape of the island. Villagers the age and the resident were in the Subdistrict of Wuarla-bobar made by the fear. “Gunung that emerged with the height four metre from the surface laut,” said the Sub-district Head Wuarlabobar, Buce Kelwulan, to the reporter in the Office Regent MTB.

Hal Ini was also justified by Regent MTB, Bitto S Temmar, as being launched detikcom, on Friday (15/08). “Kita still could not confirm whether that the mountain or the island. That must emerge from the depth 80 metre from the seabed was accompanied by the spurting of mud. Beforehand, this information was known after the resident Kecama-tan Wuarlabobar, telephoned through telecommunications radio belonging to the Regional Government MTB,” Bitto Temmar words.

In the meantime, one of the residents MTB, Evert Makupiola, said, during kemun-culan the mountain, some residents in the Subdistrict of Wuarla-bobar, chose to flee in neighbouring villages that far from this mountain. “Ada the fear of the resident will emerge the outside disaster biasa,” said Evert. Despite this, according to Evert the mysterious mountain emergence it was predicted resulting from the tectonic earthquake had the force of 6.9 SR in, last Thursday August 7.

Gempa at that time happened in Namtabung waters. The earthquake also in-felt around the Island of Da-mer, Babar and Kisar,” ung-roof Evert, that also the reporter of one of the local print medias in MTB. Untuk anticipated that, Bitto Temmar dropped the team of the expert off to confirm whether that emerged that the island or the volcano. “Jika the volcano, still was active or tidak,” said the regent.

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