sad love

Love the love and the love …
yeah a piece of the marginal song lyrics that according to gw greated really because criticised panggila the love ,maaf the young woman's young men who sacrificed the future and his life only because cinta.perila I was stupid and stupid (hayah was just the same Kang.
kill himself because in remained at his girlfriend, because in break up with ,karena in duain, because his girlfriend was dishonest with selingkuhan him him :lol: ,
patah the heart, was sick hati,cinta him in denied, the love and the love that cemen. That not to mention bands now (the Mayor the label mainstream) that often served bands that most of his songs cemen.
why? Oo possibly again trend then songs cemen.
iam agreed then for the song taught cinta2an that was good (walo finally cemen also). The theme cinta2an that cemen has become the absolute matter if right entered the industry of now music hayah so ga nyambung, and finally komsumsi the musical industry (mainstream) that personally especially our adolescent also went along ketularan cemen him (the element) ,lemah!

(sory the boss persfektif gw then don't too much dipikirin :lol:)
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