The lunar eclipse on August 17 2008

This year, along with celebration of the Day of Kemerdekaan Republic Of Indonesia of the 63, the Indonesian community could also enjoy the Sebagian Lunar Eclipse (GBS). GBS will in Indonesia appear on August 17 2008 to begin to strike 01,24 bbwi at dawn when the Month almost sank in the west horizon. GBS on August 17 2008 at the same time also became the last eclipse in 2008. We just met again with the phenomenon of the eclipse at the beginning of 2009, that is with the Cincin Solar Eclipse that could be seen in several places in Indonesia.

The lunar eclipse happened during the month was beroposisi against the sun or was being in the full moon phase and through the Earth shadow. This caused the occurrence of the good lunar eclipse the eclipse some and the total eclipse. If wanting to be imagined when the lunar eclipse, the Sun, happening Earth and the Month was to one straight line where Earth was between both of them and obstructed the fall of the Sun rays to the Month.

At the time of the eclipse, if the Month entered the Penumbra area (the hazy or vague shadow) Earth, then signs of the occurrence of the eclipse were still being very hazy but when the Month entered the umbra (the dark area the total) then the lunar eclipse can be observed. The lunar eclipse personally was two namely the Total Lunar Eclipse (GBT) and the Sebagian Lunar Eclipse (GBS). During GBT, the month will be in the Earth umbra whereas during GBS, some Month shadows still was in penumbra Earth.

Globally the lunar eclipse happened in the date 16-17 all over the part of the world. This eclipse only some (not the Total Lunar Eclipse), but deep and meant so much. Could be witnessed from all over the world part, except North America.

JIka Gerhana Matahari could be only seen directly by humankind, the lunar eclipse could be witnessed by who yg wanted to see him. The map along with showed the part/what area in the world that will be passed by the eclipse, as well as when the month rose or sank for eclipse phases. Only North America yg was not affected by the eclipse. Along with the map of the earth that will be passed by this Lunar Eclipse,


The month entered “penumbra” the earth shadow during 18:23 Universal Time (UT) or 01:23 WIB (at midnight). When even more moon parts entered the earth shadow (penumbra), then the occurrence of the eclipse will be seen.

The month will enter the unclear shadow (the umbra) during 19:36 of UT (02:36 WIB), the lunar eclipse partly then began. The peak of the eclipse happened 94 minutes afterwards, struck 21:10 of UT (04:10 WIB). At the moment 81% of moon circles was in the umbra. Afterwards slowly the moon left the umbra. The free umbra struck 04:45 WIB after more than 3 hours since the commencement of the eclipse. The month left the phase penumbra during 06:57 WIB. It's already morning and in some regions in the homeland, the month has sunk.

According to the prediction of astronomy, in the near future did not have the lunar eclipse, up until December 2010.

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