Tips overcame the Difference of the Perception of the Couple

Had you done something that according to you were the love expression to the couple but evidently his response was negative? One day, a husband frustasi because of experiencing this. This man wanted to do something that was special for his wife, so as he came home from work earlier and bought the flower, chocolate, as well as a card utnuk his wife. When arriving in the house, happily he gave the gift and said, "love, I really loved you!" Suddenly his wife cried and said, "All Of Them chaotic today, our baby was fussy, the broken washing machine, and now you came home in the drunk situation!" Same like that was illustrated with the reaction the wife, sometimes we did something to express the love loved our couple, but that not what he needed. We understood whether that was needed by us to feel was loved, but anyway, what was wanted by us always was not the same as what the couple was wanted by us.

For example my wife of Erin, he really liked if I praised his appearance. On the other hand, Erin's comment on my appearance was not as important meaning that for me. Because I did not regard important Erin's praise on my appearance to make I felt I was loved, I also afterwards had the trend to like that did not pay attention to his appearance. This was the problem of the public among the couple: we had the trend to express the feeling of our love by the same means as we wanted to be treated. The problem is, our couple often needed something that really was different from what we want to did for him.

One important factor in married life that was happy to be to find the specific requirement for your couple to feel that he was loved. One simple method of knowing him was by making the list about any that he needed to feel was loved.

I pushed you to meluangkan special time and wrote these specific matters. When you asked him and wrote your list, remembered to not judge, did not agree, or menyela matters that were said by your couple. Therefore matters that he needed as the expression that he was loved. In addition, wrote matters that could be measured. In other words, compared to wrote "me want to keintiman", wrote "me wanted you to say ‘a I" loved you "at least very much a day." , "I wanted you asked how my day." , et cetera. These specific statements helped your couple to translate the statement that was very vague into the clear treatment. After you understood what was needed by your couple so that he feels he was loved, the further step needed your responsibility of carrying him out.

Your couple gave the gift that meant so much for you by giving the list about matters whether that was needed by him to feel was loved. Now you have information that was very valuable for the happiness penikahan you. I pushed you to not allow this information to be thrown away was in vain. One of the methods was best for showed that you really cared in the feeling of your couple was by asking about the very simple question. Very much a week for example, asked, "from the scale 0 to 10, with the figure 10 was significantly best, how my attitude during this Sunday to express my love for you?" . By evaluating yourself like this consistently, you can love your couple was based on his requirement and not was based on your perception what will do that he needed.

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