MXIT Bisa Dipake Lag | mxit can used again

After some time before MXIT was stated was blocked for reasons of certain from the operator. At this time MXIT already could diergunakan came back. According to several sources that most were my friends (hehehe…). And after being tried by me mengotak-atik various setting in this application, finally was found several solutions to be able to use MXIT came back.
Wanted knew?? Read terus…. To be able to use again MXIT had several tips that could be tried.
In part:

1. In place of the card.
Uptil now MXITers happier used IM3. However after MXIT was blocked, you continued to be able to undertake MXIT with the other card. Because the blockading only happened to the card IM3.

2. If you insisted used IM3.
There was the trick so that blocked was opened. To the suit login, the substitute socket-full duplex with HTTP. was guaranteed you could feel the connection to be fast and free blocked. Was like this tips to undertake again MXIT with IM3. It is hoped beneficial.

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