Want Chatting in the Cellular Phone? You Now Mig33

mig33_logo_grass.gifWith used Mig33 and you would terkoneksi with the person all over the world. And you too could access IM (MSN, Yahoo! , ICQ, AOL, Google Talk), chatting in rum, send the email, shared the photograph, the sms in fact telephoned. And you too could share with your friends, the family or even looked for the friend from various corners of the country. You could use this in the cellular phone even your computer. I have here tried him. Actually still many applications. And the suggestion from me, used SIM Card you who had the cheap GPRS tariff. If you were still confused, you could see the article that I posting before this that is about Chatting in the Cellular Phone. Because was regarded by me must be published, then tried before.

OK, I will report the instruction mig33 in your cellular phone. Follow steps along with, Download and Install Mig33 Was based on the experience, used your cellular phone to mendownload because would terinstall automatically. Use the internet service or browser to your mobile phone to head wap.mig33.com. Then followed the instruction download that was given mig33. Used Mig33 First Kali When you opened the application mig33 the first time in your cellular phone, mig33 will try mengoneksi to server mig33. Several types of the Cellular Phone, like Motorola and Sony,will got the special treatment from server.

im.jpgThe register With Mig33 After being opened the first time, choosing ‘REGISTER’ and following Instuksi. (don't forget to put the country's code when gave no your mobile phone to verify the code. Indonesia +62) Mendidentifikasi the Anda Account After the Register, you will get Code via SMS. Masukkan Code when you Login the first time, then you immediately could use mig33.

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